Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ugly TV Cabinet Redo

Last year I bought a good sized TV cabinet from a local person on Kijiji for $40. Not bad, but slightly ugly, and it screamed TV CABINET! I have it near my front door and it houses all things that have no other home: Medicines, craft supplies, computer paper, mittens, sunglasses, cameras... the list is endless. So a well used and necessary cabinet, but no curb appeal.
Taking my homemade chalk paint recipe from last years coffee table redo, I created a beauty!
Here it was before:
I had already replaced the knobs with glass, throwing out the 80's wood knobs. Already it was an improvement. I then gave it a light sanding:
Then I did something weird! I used a sharpie jumbo marker on all the edges, This will not be seen at all until I scuff up the edges to distress it slightly. It gives the piece a bit of depth. You never want something too perfect.
Now for the chalk paint. I always use 2 coats to get a nice finish, and a foam roller is a must for large areas. I chose a light grey that was left here by a previous owner, made it into the think hard curing chalk paint and went to town. When it was dry I scuffed up the edges I had previously markered using a small piece of light sand paper. I know lots of people go a bit nuts with distressing but I only like it on the edges. Everywhere else needs to be smooth for me. Here's a grainy closeup:
Then I applied a paste wax and buffed it till it was a nice patina. Wax takes off any shine in the paint, so if you want shiny, don't use paste. It adds a layer of extra protection to the paint, which in my house needs to be Kevlar paste!
Then I put it back together and it was done, back in business. I love it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Just a quick post to show the grandparents my wonderful kids grad outfits. The girlie is graduating from grade 8 and the big boy is graduating high school.
Here is a preview of their Grad looks. (The girlie was being fitted at the time of the picture taking)

What do you think? Where has the time gone? The girlie said I was going to curl up in my sons room and cry when he leaves. Probably true.

Monday, April 27, 2015

New Custom Ikea Master Closet

It's been awhile since I last posted, but my update on the new closet space is complete. We were trying to buy 2 new dressers to replace the antiques we were using. Anything worth buying was going to run into the thousands, and who wants to hide thousands of dollars away in the closet? Unless they are Manolos, of course! So we decided on a revamp of the whole thing. It ups the value of the house and keeps us tidy all at once. I think you remember what a mes of overhanging clothes it was before.
Hard to tell from the picture but with hanging clothes on both sides of the narrow closet it felt like you were walking into a tunnel. 
We called various places and found the cheapest way was the Ikea way. So hubby and I took an afternoon and a sturdy vehicle and off we went to the big blue box store. Hours later we had this lovely pile to look at:
We then stripped the closet, filled holes and painted my new favourite shade of white, Benjamin Moores Swiss Coffee:
A soft white with a hint of warmth.
As usual , the house was a pigsty for a few days during reno. Always is.
We had a few errors along the way, like never try to raise an 8 foot structure without all four sides. Crack! We fixed and moved on, and no duct tape was involved thank goodness.
I even have a nice Jewelry niche! 
I think my hubby would marry this new pants hanger!
Pretty neat and tidy! We saved about 3/4 of the cost of dressers or a custom wardrobe and got exactly what we wanted! Love Ikea!