Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Double Baby Shower

Both of my nieces are currently pregnant.Due within 2 weeks of each other! How much fun is that to have the little cousins so close together?!
I volunteered to have a double baby shower for the first time moms-to-be, so I'm getting lots of ideas together and thought I'd set them all out here.
My girlie says we MUST have chocolate covered strawberries. Check!
And check out this idea to iron on words and pictures to create custom onesies.
Pretzels dipped half in pink and half in blue chocolate.
Cute, but I'd dip the top in crushed graham crackers and call them smor's.
Just yum!
So many ideas, most of them food related. I hope the girls have fun at the party!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Flower Creations!

It's been awhile since I've posted, work is keeping me hopping! Speaking of which, I decided to post some of my favourite creations from the past few years at Fresh Flowers By Leanne. I've learned so much there, and still learn something new every day.
At home

My niece  Brooke

Some of my birthday flowers after a good cut and rearranging

Late summer piece

can you tell I love sunflowers?

Funeral work, but oh so pretty. Look at the mess of my workstation!


For an event

Christmas. Love the cotton boules.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Headboard Search

the spot above my bed is a bit of a conundrum for me. No I don't want to spend a lot of cash, but I do want a bit of drama. Drama isn't cheap. Add to that, the wall above the bed used to hold a stand alone fireplace, so someone patched the wall where the pipe went outside, but didn't do a stellar job. Needless to say, we have wall issues. Here it is now:
The stars above the bed mask the various bumps and cracks in the wall. I don't LOVE the stars, they are a necessity. The headboard itself is a bit of a yawn, something we made about 10 years ago, and i'm pretty bored with it. Anything I do now for a headboard has to do double duty and cover up the whole space. I thought of making a super large frame right on the wall around the bed to the upper part of the wall and putting wallpaper or fabric inside and hang some art in the middle, then a smallish headboard would look nice surrounded by the frame. Something like this:

Traditional Bedroom by Johns Creek Interior Designers & Decorators J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
I totally love the upholstered wall, if only I could figure that out. I would do it in a nice soft blue, to match my new bedding (Picture to come). I'm thinking padding a piece of wood the size needed, then attaching it to the wall and framing around that. One thing to check is how wide fabric comes, wouldn't want a seam up the middle!
Another idea is to cover the whole wall with ship lap boards and paint them.
This treatment would still require a headboard I think, so the dilemma would continue. 

or this:
What about darker?
Or rustic?

Traditional Spaces by Charleston General Contractors Structures Building Company
We'd have to make the baseboards nice and wide to match the look.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fixer Upper

Have you been watching the new series Fixer upper? I have to admit a serious obsession with Chip and Joanna Gaines' Style of renovation. Like me they believe in buying the worst home in the best neighbourhood and giving it a new life.
I think I like this couple so much because they seem so real, and genuine, both in their love for each other, and their love of God.
Chip is a big goofball, always ready to crack up his wife, and Joanna is his calm cool wife, smoothing things over and making things pretty. It's obvious that their family and their farm is at the heart of all they do, and they make you wish you lived next door. Here are a few of their transformations
Love this show!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pedestal Table Redo Finished!

I spent a lot of today painting and waxing my coffee table makeover. Knowing that the finished product would be a fraction of the retail cost just made me happy! Here she is folks;
Cost around $100.00

Remember the original?
Cost $3500.00
I just love it!
I did about 3 coats of the homemade chalkpaint, my son layered a coat of black into the nooks to show up after sanding, and there is some paste wax rubbed over it for a protective sheen.

Totally worth the effort!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Coffee Table Saves over $3000!

Just how did I save over $3000? By not buying a drool worthy piece of furniture at Muskoka Living Interiors in Port Severn. Yes it is my favorite store that I haven't bought one thing at.  I am not a wealthy Torontonian up for a weekend of pleasure crafts on the waters of Lake Joseph, nor am I an interior decorator, so the prices at the store do not apply to me. Do I love all their upper high end furnishings and lighting? Yes! Will I ever buy anything there? If I win the lottery ( I don't buy tickets so I'm thinking it might be a "no")
Here is what I wanted so dearly:
Absolutely perfect and yet so out of reach. I don't have $3500.00 for a coffee table! I would have to eat and sleep on it at that price. So my hubby pried me away and I thought about where I could get one in my price range (under $100). KIJIJI! Looking on the Kijiji website renewed my hope. There were tons of pedestal tables out there, and some were smaller than average so my hubby and I chose this ad:

It was $80 not including the chairs that i didn't want anyway. It was funny because when we picked it up the man said "It's nice because it hasn't been turned into a coffee table" We all just looked at each other and kept quiet.
We got it home and googled the correct height for a coffee table and it's between 17-21 inches, so we went with around 18inches. My handy McGuyver husband went to work and cut the whole middle section off the table, leaving the underside alone so that if we want we can add in the extension piece for parties. he reattached the top and voila, we have the most beautiful coffee table.

 I am going to buy some plaster of paris to mix up some homemade chalk paint and it will look like it's inspiration piece for 43 times less than the original. A deal!
To try chalk paint (and you can't get Annie Sloan's anywhere around here) try this recipe:


Finished project soon!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Down 20!

It's been a hard few months, but I've managed to drop twenty very stubborn pounds. As anyone who has lost weight knows, the only thing that really works is the Eat Less, Move More diet. Pills don't work, and fad diets go back to normal once you stop doing it.
This time around I've found the weight much harder to lose. In my thirties it was easy, just cut back, go for a walk. Now I eat much less, and work out much more. Sucks, but there you go. Now to keep it off!
The best thing about looking thinner is buying some new clothes. I need shorts, skirts and some pants, Stat!

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