Monday, January 19, 2015

Home Made Double Desk

We've been living with a cut off old school style desk for years. It barely housed the computer let alone all our stuff so we finally threw it to the curb. Literally. And no one took it. So my hubby cut it up to use as covers for my magnolia. Repurpose!
This was my inspiration, a desk for two:
Functional yet sleek. So we hiked over to Ikea and bought some metal legs for $40. and a discounted wood countertop for $125. A bit of stain later and here she is:

We love it! Room for two and it's simplicity forces me to keep it tidy. (that's the theory anyway).
Hope you like our budget home DIY.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Spring Must Come

Deep into the middle of winter I find I have to look at pictures of spring like things, Tulips :
Snow drops:
Crabapple blossoms:
Anything not red, green and gold. 
In retail, it seems like we lurch from one crazy holiday to the next, directly  after Christmas our suppliers are calling us for Valentine's orders. Already?
I'm more of an Easter girl myself:

And pussy willows are almost the first thing I find that has come alive after our ridiculous winters:
And these early blooms are some of my favourites:
Or how about bringing a little spring inside?
Something to beat the winter blues. I'm going to try them!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mozart - Sonata no.11 (K. 331) Andante Grazioso

Here is something to sooth the soul!

A few of our favourite things

Every year we must all answer the question "What do you want for Christmas?" or even harder, "What do the kids want?". I always feel like a crazy person trying to figure things out, so this year I am on it!
For my 17 year old son, here are a few things I know he'd like:
Create your very own personalized world map with Scratch Map. It’s designed with a top layer of gold foil that scratches off to reveal a whole new world below, including colour-printed facts about countries and cities along with geographical detail. It’s a great way to record your travel adventures, and comes packaged in a slick tube for easy gifting. 23” x 32”
$29.50 For his travels
$34.50 For driving to University

$14.50 For the engineering degree.
$9.95 Just because it's cool
And if you can't decide, he's a fan of WorldVision Canada and a donation made in his name is a wonderful thing!
Now for my girlie:

Pride and Prejudice Literary Scarf - Jane Austen Reading Quote - Long Knit Jersey Raw Edged Scarf $36.94

Pretty much anything "Jane Austen"
online price
$49.00 list price

Pillow Cushion Cover with Eco Friendly Felt Westie - Decorative Accent Pillow Cushion Cover

And my cute Hubby:

US $200.00
If I could afford this I would grab it for him!
Or this beauty:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Baby Shower x2

The baby shower for two of my nieces is over, and we had a great time! Both girls were blessed with so many wonderful gifts, and one of the girls got an early present, her baby! Stephanie had her baby by emergency c-section 7 weeks early, but I'm happy to say they are both well and are now at home. Her little boy Wesley is a miracle in every sense. Now one more to go, for Brooke. Hoping for a girl!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beauty in Fashion

I generally hate most things I see on the runway. Today is the exception. Take a look at all of this gorgeousness! All by Naeem Khan