Friday, September 25, 2015

Small House Love

As much as our family loves our house, it is becoming increasingly apparent that we use so very little of it. My son is now in University and my daughter in high school. That leaves 3 of us in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house. I have a dining room I use about 4 times a year, and an entire back living room that I only use the corner for a computer area. At some point I know we will be relocating, as much as it makes me want to cry.
We will be trying to look for a waterfront property, since this is something all of us love, and a smaller yard would be nice. I'd like to find something that we could pay cash for, to get out from under the burden of a mortgage.
I've found some exteriors of small homes that I find charming. As long as the outside is great you can change the floor plan to suit just about anyone.
This is not set up as a home, but I love the clean lines and open, airy feel.
This reminds me of a New Orleans shotgun style house
This is a side view of the house, but I love the big open doors.
Another Southern style cottage
Graceful front porch.
Rustic charm
Which is your ideal small home?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

girlies bedroom

girlies bedroom

Copper lamp
240 CAD -

Gray rug
3,205 CAD -

Wool rug
520 CAD -

Home wall decor
65 CAD -

Wood sign
8.11 CAD -

Mahogany furniture
2,235 CAD -

Casual furniture
1,185 CAD -

Comfort Research beanbag chair
265 CAD -

outside decor

outside decor

Restoration Hardware outdoor patio decor
205 CAD -

Outdoor lighting
91 CAD -

Patio furniture

Brown Jordan patio hammock
395 CAD -

Stone Wall 12 x 12 Paper
1.32 CAD -

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

DwellStudio drum chandelier lighting
2,075 CAD -

995 CAD -

Woven throw
180 CAD -

3 pc canvas wall art
115 CAD -

Crystal tealight holder
46 CAD -

Antiqued furniture
3,505 CAD -

Diamond chair
1,530 CAD -

Round glass top table
1,730 CAD -

Zentique medallion furniture
745 CAD -

Extra Bedroom

Extra Bedroom

Feiss sphere chandelier
900 CAD -

Legacy Home bed linen

Head metal wall art
235 CAD -

Queen headboard
2,095 CAD -

Round accent table
595 CAD -

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bedroom By Emotion

People pick their bedroom decor based on how they want to feel when they end up here at the end of a busy day. Are you the type to need an energizing and colorful room, or the type that needs no stimulation, complete quiet? Here are a few bedrooms that evoke emotions in polar directions:
A 2o's style monocromatic glam pad! Only high rollers need apply

Quiet romance, yet crisply tailored
To me this has a "Where the Wild Things are" feel. Jungle drums in the distance
Parisian boho glam from turn of the century. Poets and painters would inhabit this space.
A princess of Antoinette proportions lives here. At least she's literate, judging by the books.
A "Nip/Tuck" style bachelor pad in the mountains. Maybe a James Bond movie opener.
For the extrovert who just doesn't care who sees their business. Wonderful for watching the stars without bugs.
A bit "Phantom of the Opera" for me, but if you like drama...

I love this casual loft space. The mural is kickin'!
And finally a "cabin" in the woods done right. No roughing it here!