Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bedroom By Emotion

People pick their bedroom decor based on how they want to feel when they end up here at the end of a busy day. Are you the type to need an energizing and colorful room, or the type that needs no stimulation, complete quiet? Here are a few bedrooms that evoke emotions in polar directions:
A 2o's style monocromatic glam pad! Only high rollers need apply

Quiet romance, yet crisply tailored
To me this has a "Where the Wild Things are" feel. Jungle drums in the distance
Parisian boho glam from turn of the century. Poets and painters would inhabit this space.
A princess of Antoinette proportions lives here. At least she's literate, judging by the books.
A "Nip/Tuck" style bachelor pad in the mountains. Maybe a James Bond movie opener.
For the extrovert who just doesn't care who sees their business. Wonderful for watching the stars without bugs.
A bit "Phantom of the Opera" for me, but if you like drama...

I love this casual loft space. The mural is kickin'!
And finally a "cabin" in the woods done right. No roughing it here!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ugly TV Cabinet Redo

Last year I bought a good sized TV cabinet from a local person on Kijiji for $40. Not bad, but slightly ugly, and it screamed TV CABINET! I have it near my front door and it houses all things that have no other home: Medicines, craft supplies, computer paper, mittens, sunglasses, cameras... the list is endless. So a well used and necessary cabinet, but no curb appeal.
Taking my homemade chalk paint recipe from last years coffee table redo, I created a beauty!
Here it was before:
I had already replaced the knobs with glass, throwing out the 80's wood knobs. Already it was an improvement. I then gave it a light sanding:
Then I did something weird! I used a sharpie jumbo marker on all the edges, This will not be seen at all until I scuff up the edges to distress it slightly. It gives the piece a bit of depth. You never want something too perfect.
Now for the chalk paint. I always use 2 coats to get a nice finish, and a foam roller is a must for large areas. I chose a light grey that was left here by a previous owner, made it into the think hard curing chalk paint and went to town. When it was dry I scuffed up the edges I had previously markered using a small piece of light sand paper. I know lots of people go a bit nuts with distressing but I only like it on the edges. Everywhere else needs to be smooth for me. Here's a grainy closeup:
Then I applied a paste wax and buffed it till it was a nice patina. Wax takes off any shine in the paint, so if you want shiny, don't use paste. It adds a layer of extra protection to the paint, which in my house needs to be Kevlar paste!
Then I put it back together and it was done, back in business. I love it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Just a quick post to show the grandparents my wonderful kids grad outfits. The girlie is graduating from grade 8 and the big boy is graduating high school.
Here is a preview of their Grad looks. (The girlie was being fitted at the time of the picture taking)

What do you think? Where has the time gone? The girlie said I was going to curl up in my sons room and cry when he leaves. Probably true.