Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dresser Search

My hubby and I are on the hunt for 2 dressers for our room. We realized that in almost 25 years of marriage we've never bought any new furniture for our bedroom. Up till now it's been antiques found on the cheap, seconds from family or a couple of home builds. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Nope, it's just that both of our dressers are at the end of their life, mine with sticky drawers and loose handles, my hubby's has no storage and drawers that create sawdust with every movement.
Here is my hubby's
It's more of a sideboard than dresser.
Here's mine
A garage sale find that is pretty but needs a graceful retirement, not every day usage.
We've gone to local stores and found that the only way to get a dresser is to take the flimsy one in stock or to order and hope for the best. Not my style. I want quality, something to last me the rest of my life. We are talking to 2 custom wood workers and we hope to find something like this:
It starts at $1700 us so that's a little steep when we need two. Hoping to give a local builder our business if they can come up with a better price.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Macaron Magic

This post is for my mom sunning herself in lovely Florida! I told her I was making my hubby an early Valentine's present, a reminder of our time in Paris. There is something we both could have lived on when we were there, the stunning Macaron. A crispy sweet meringue cookie with a creamy filling. They look oh so simple but require patience and exact measuring.
Here is my not so perfect version:

And here is the "professional" version
Try as I might I cannot find a fine ground almond flour so my version always looks grainy, yet they are so yummy. My favorite is chocolate with salted peanut butter filling. Don't worry Mom, I put some in the freezer!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

High Fashion of Ellie Saab

Once again I bring you gorgeous gowns from the runway. Without further ado:
You're welcome

Stella And Dot Party

My Girlie and me are putting on a Stella and Dot party in March! My good friend Lauren is a stylist and a very talented salesperson. Here is a link to their site:

I have so many pieces and just love them!
Here's one that I own:

And one my Girlie has;
My girlie would like to get this!
and I'm looking at this:

Can't wait!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Home Made Double Desk

We've been living with a cut off old school style desk for years. It barely housed the computer let alone all our stuff so we finally threw it to the curb. Literally. And no one took it. So my hubby cut it up to use as covers for my magnolia. Repurpose!
This was my inspiration, a desk for two:
Functional yet sleek. So we hiked over to Ikea and bought some metal legs for $40. and a discounted wood countertop for $125. A bit of stain later and here she is:

We love it! Room for two and it's simplicity forces me to keep it tidy. (that's the theory anyway).
Hope you like our budget home DIY.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Spring Must Come

Deep into the middle of winter I find I have to look at pictures of spring like things, Tulips :
Snow drops:
Crabapple blossoms:
Anything not red, green and gold. 
In retail, it seems like we lurch from one crazy holiday to the next, directly  after Christmas our suppliers are calling us for Valentine's orders. Already?
I'm more of an Easter girl myself:

And pussy willows are almost the first thing I find that has come alive after our ridiculous winters:
And these early blooms are some of my favourites:
Or how about bringing a little spring inside?
Something to beat the winter blues. I'm going to try them!